Audi vision: no buttons in the cabin of the future

17-мар, 14;59 admin 1488
Audi's vision for the cab of the future will highlight the current trend of the automotive industry to abandon physical buttons in favor of touch-based controls. An example of this is the latest version of MMI Touch Response, which allows you to access most of the machine's functions via three touch screens.

The current A8, A7 Sportback, A6 and Q8 generations mark the transformation of cockpit buttons into an endangered species. However, everything will be taken to the extreme with future generations, as Audi's head of design mark Lichte tells us.

According to him, the next step is an extended reality display (AR), which will make the toolbar useless as we know it today. Its size and importance will decrease, and the information displayed here will become smaller and smaller.

In addition, the two screens on the center console will be combined into a larger one if the Lichte vision becomes a reality. Even the volume button will disappear over time.
Not only will the interior change in the future, but also the way exteriors are drawn. Although the e-tron and its sibling with the e-tron Sportback coupe lines do not differ significantly from conventional models driven by heat engines, the details tell a different story.