Audi A1 30 TFSI DSG the perfect city car

17-мар, 17;26 admin 11 045
The Audi A1 has all the necessary qualities to be the perfect city car. It is small, but roomy, drives very nice, inside everything is made of high-quality materials, comes with capable engines (only gasoline!) and a good range of amenities, comfort and safety. There is only one inconvenience, but it is important: the price is 35 thousand euros.

Led headlights are optional (1113 euros), but they add extra style and increase visibility at night. As standard, the Audi A1 comes with covers over the steel wheels, but we tested the A1 30 TFSI with a few additional features, including the 17-inch Audi Sport alloy wheels. Many black exterior details make the A1 sporty, but it's more for visual effect.
The design is modern and bold, and any connection to the car model seems remote. The interior is premium, and here we are talking about materials, quality of finishing and equipment.

The configuration provides from 95 to 200 horsepower. The main engine, 25 TFSI (95 HP) is offered with a 5-speed manual transmission, the 30 TFSI (116 HP) variant comes with a 6-speed automatic or manual transmission, and the list ends with 35 TFSI e 150 HP and 40 TFSI 200 horsepower offered exclusively with the s Tronic automatic transmission.