AI:ME presents Audi's vision for the future of urban mobility

17-мар, 17;28 admin 1983
Audi presented the AI: ME concept at the Shanghai auto show. This is the third model in a series of automotive concepts that the brand uses to convey its vision for the future of mobility.

AI: ME designers also believe that cars in motion in major cities rarely have more than two passengers. Thus, the AI: ME concept is designed for two passengers, but makes it possible to transport two other people to the back seat.

The AI: ME body is 4.3 meters long, 1.9 meters wide and 1.52 meters high. The absence of a drive shaft and the smaller size of the bracket, elements specific to electric models, complement the interior space. In Autonomous mode, the controls (steering wheel, pedals, console) are decorated with walnut panels.
Magnetic surfaces were created to support the cups. Thus, during Autonomous driving, passengers can relax at the table. Interior products are made from natural materials made of solid textiles or leather, wood or glass, to which modern materials such as Corian are added. This concept also has a roof made in the style of a wooden gazebo, which allows you to integrate some indoor plants.