Driving school Presto: here they teach to drive an Audi

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Audi still remains a highly popular car in Latvia, holding a star status among other car brands. It is not a coincidence that Audi is also one of the car brands that CSDD has chosen - Audi A3 Sportback is the specific model that the trainees have to be able to drive on the day of exam. A computer program may also allot randomly such car brands as BMW and Volkswagen, which are also among favorite drivers' choices. However, how can a trainee learn to drive them all to gain the licence? Driving school Presto has an answer to that. Thanks to the model of the training, in driving school Presto it is possible to change both cars and instructors.

What is driving school Presto?

Overall, there are more than 200 driving schools in Latvia, and choosing the right one among all of them is not such an easy task - especially if the realm of driving schools is quite unfamiliar. Objective data can be obtained by getting acquainted with the statistics of CSDD, where it is represented what is the percentage of trainees that pass the theory and driving exams on the 1st attempt. According to the national statistics, Presto has taken the leading position. It means that each future driver that studies at Presto has a higher probability of passing exams more successfully than trainees of other driving schools.

Presto is the largest driving school of Latvia, and it is also known as a driving school in Dobele, Rīga, Liepāja, Jelgava and Daugavpils. It operates in a total of 97 towns and villages. Because of the wide coverage of branches, the driving school ensures such advantages as booking of classes throughout the whole country in the territory where Presto instructors work. It makes it possible to savor the summer and travel from one town to the other one while at the same time ensuring an opportunity to combine the weekend plans with the driving classes.

Why the high CSDD statistics?

The training approach that provides free change of instructors and car models, ensures a higher probability of passing the CSDD exam on the 1st attempt. Because anyone that wants to learn how to drive an Audi, has to know how to drive BMW 218D XDrive Active Tourer and Volkswagen Golf 7 as well. Also those models may be chosen randomly by a computer program and assigned to any trainee as the car of the exam. The accomplishment of tasks in the maneuverability training area differs for those models. However, if you learn how to do the task with Audi, you will be able to do the same with BMW. That's because the points that have to be taken into account coincide but those nuances are different when it comes to Golf. In addition to that, there are also technical differences between those models.

A trainee that is always taught to drive in the same 1 car, actually has quite a disadvantage in comparison to those that have had more experience as it does not allow the trainee to prepare fully for what is to come in the final CSDD exam. If the trainee has driven various car models, a greater technical and psychological confidence has been gained as well as more versatile driving experience. If the trainee has driven cars of various brands, it can be felt and noticed as then the trainee is able to adapt to different cars more easily. Besides, not only it helps in the CSDD exam, but also in real life where the most unexpected situations and circumstances may require driving different cars.

Even such seemingly insignificant tasks as starting the car, turning on wipers and switching to reverse differ to various car models. However, if the trainee finds that out only on the day of exam, it may cause additional stress and anxiety, which in turn will impair the ability to concentrate. Also in case when there is a lack of technical experience, the driving manner may be unconvincing thus making it seem to the instructor of CSDD that the trainee is not yet ready to drive independently. If the trainee does not know the differences between the car models to deal well with the tasks at the maneuverability training area, unfortunately, there are cases when the trainees do not even get further than the training area and thus cannot show their driving skills in the real traffic.

Why does Presto allow changing instructors?

The decision not to follow the entrenched guidelines of the industry was very conscient. The comfort of the trainees, quality of training and increasing the possibility of passing the exams sooner and on the 1st attempt were set as the priorities of the driving school. Taking into account those aims, the trainee's attachment to 1 instructor did not seem to align with the vision as it includes significant drawbacks.

The experience of the trainees of other driving schools confirms that training under guidance of 1 instructor can significantly prolong the whole training process. In case if the trainee cannot find a common language with the instructor or the teaching method chosen results unsuitable to the trainee, instead of improving the technical skills, there is stagnation. As a result, the expenses to gain the licence reach a few thousand euros, as well as the training may take various years. Above that, if the trainee wants to change the instructor in such a system, precious time is wasted by explaining the situation to the administration team or by filing a complaint.

To protect its students from such a bitter experience, Presto gives the opportunity to change instructors even in every class. In Presto they are convinced that it is important for each student to find the right instructor whose manner of teaching really helps to gain understanding how to drive the car as well as comes along with good emotions. In addition, during the training various topics must be covered. If the explanation of 1 instructor does not seem to provide sufficient clarity, then the student is able to turn to another instructor for help. Sometimes all that it takes is to tell the same thing just by using other words so that the trainee can finally perceive what is expected.

The option to freely change instructors also enables changing car models. In the maneuver training area it is important to have a ride both with Golf and Audi (or BMW) as there are quite significant nuances that differ to each model.

In addition to that, the change of instructors prepares for the final CSDD exam also on a psychological level. On the day of the exam, there will also be an unknown instructor sitting next to the trainee - if such a situation is experienced for the 1st time only on the day of the exam, it can cause additional stress. However, in case such change to the trainee is nothing new and even ordinary, on the day of exam it won't become an additional stress factor.

Why is the licence in Presto obtained faster?

Another aspect that distinguishes Presto among other driving schools is the pace of training. The guidelines created by Presto provide clear instructions about the logical training steps that the student should follow - this information can be found on the website presto.lv under the title “Instruction: how to get the driver's licence in 30 days”. Very often it is because of the lack of understanding why the training process is prolonged. That becomes the reason why the things that may have been done even before the 1st theory class get postponed until the last moment.

For example, when it comes to B category training, an obligatory requirement is the medical certificate, white licence/driver's permit as well as the certificate of passing the exam of first aid training. Both medical certificate and first aid training certificate can be obtained through Presto. The driver's permit must be taken out in CSDD. To be able to attend driving classes, the medical certificate and driver's permit is mandatory. But the theory exam can only be taken if the first aid training has been done.

One of the main conditions that enables the option to gain the driver's licence as soon as possible is an intensive attendance of driving classes. In driving school Presto, the classes can be booked every day, also on the weekends and official public holidays. When driving daily, not only it becomes a habit, but it is possible to reach the required number of driving classes faster.

To gain the driver's licence within 3 months, it is recommended to attend classes at least 3-4 times a week. The most active drivers that drive daily may even be able to go to CSDD to pass the exam even within 1 month. Anyways, it all depends on each individual situation and the necessary amount of classes. To someone the minimum number of classes will be sufficient; however, on average 30-40 classes are needed. It means that there should be 30-40 days in which the student finds time to drive. Depending on the frequency of attendance, this number may be reached both within a year as well just in a matter of a few months. That is a choice of each trainee.

Nowhere they teach as well as in Presto

Presto offers special advantages; therefore, the trainees are better prepared for the final CSDD exam and the real driving in traffic. Choosing this driving school means a higher level of comfort, more options and freedom, and as a result both time and money can be saved. It has been analysed that by joining Presto there is a higher probability that there won't be any need to pay repeatedly for retaking exams - because the trainees of this driving school pass them with one of the highest percentages of success.

It is possible to get acquainted with the contract on the website presto.lv where it is freely available. Unlike other driving schools that allow viewing the contract only in administration face-to-face, Presto does not hide anything - transparency is one of the values of the driving school, and it must be acknowledged that it is a rarity in the field. It is possible to sign the agreement online within just a few minutes. As a modern driving school, Presto ensures that everything can be done in the digital environment and thus precious time does not have to be wasted.

Among 200 Latvian driving schools, Presto stands out just as Audi among other car brands - it is a star of the stars. It is not a coincidence that both Audi and Presto are chosen by such a great number of drivers - it is a proven quality.