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Latvian car market cannot be imagined without Audi as during decades it has been one of the most popular car brands and the buyer's choice Nr. 1. Because of the wide range of Audi prices, each one is able to find a model suitable for one's financial opportunities. There are budget, middle and luxus class variants available in the market. Audi has earned the buyer's trust with a proven quality and comfort. Audi engines tend to be powerful, but the Quattro models have an all-wheel drive system. It is an elegant brand, but at the same time it is the right ally when it comes to the race track.

In cooperation with the advertisement portal, we will take a look at how to choose a used Audi, what to pay attention to and what mistakes should be avoided. We will get to know better the advantages provided by this portal that are useful both for Audi buyers and sellers. For some, it is an opportunity to choose more safely and from a wider range of offers, for others - to gain a wider recognition, to obtain a personal website and place advertisements for free.

How to choose safely?

Used cars are the most popular in the market; however, when going for used cars, the buyers should look for the right models on sites that do care about the safety of users as well as choose proven dealers. Unfortunately, on most classifieds portals it is not possible to gain more information about the car sellers; however, the creators of have consciously created their platform by evading this already entrenched mistake. is considered to be the safest classifieds portal for used Audi cars in Latvia. This is due to the fact that user profiles have been created, which means that none of the publishers of classifieds can stay anonymous. Thus, the innovative advertisement portal is similar to the platform of social networks - in the search engine one can find individuals by their name and surname, but enterprises - by name. Each user has to choose their username - although it may not match their real name and surname, it is possible to provide more information on their profiles to reveal the true identity and thus improve the profile.

Profile of each user equals a mini website that is a buyers and sellers' profile at the same time. On the website it is possible to tell more about oneself, the enterprise and its offers as well as add sites to other social networks' profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc., which enables identifying the creator of the specific profile. In this way, it is possible to verify the identity of other users more easily, which undoubtedly increases the security of concluding deals.

Reviews as an info base

Another aspect that significantly increases the chances of choosing safely, is the reviews system created by It is this aspect that takes this website from a standard classified portal to a safe market platform. There is a reviews section built into each user's profile/website.

After concluding the deal, it is possible to leave one's comment or place an evaluation within the 5-star rating. This function is enabled only to registered users of the portal, which means that the reviews do not stay anonymous. It is possible to evaluate both what kind of buyer and seller is the owner of the particular profile. This, in turn, helps other users to understand better what could be the potential cooperation when it comes to a new deal, as well as expose in a timely manner those that sell low-quality cars or deceive car buyers through fraudulent schemes.

All Audi dealers together

When looking at classifieds on the Audi brand section of, it can be noted that among sellers there are not only individuals, but also Audi dealers. By choosing to purchase the car from one of them, it is possible to get a more knowledgeable support team that will be able to provide more information about each chosen car. Also, when buying a car on the spot, very often there are more favorable interest rates offered as well as a chance to apply for a loan. Also, dealers mostly take care of car inspection and diagnostics, which means that the dealer is responsible for the technical condition of the car.

Each classified placed by the dealer is linked to the website of the dealer that is organically built into the platform. In the “About us” section it is possible to learn more about the services and opportunities offered by each dealer. The contact section, in turn, contains the info on the dealer's contact number and address. The creators of have also taken care of alternative communication options by enabling a function to contact the dealer directly through the website by using the chat tool. If both parties are online, communication can take place immediately. If one party has not logged in, a notification email will be sent. It means that the dealer will respond to the message as soon as possible.

Mistakes to avoid

When buying a used Audi car, the traditional mistakes are the same as when buying any other car brand. First, one of the main mistakes is a naive trust to the seller. Unfortunately, even the most honest seller cannot be fully aware of the technical condition of the vehicle if diagnostics has not been done. Therefore, one should not lay on the words of the seller alone.

Second, buyers make a mistake by assuming the imported cars from abroad are more qualitative than the local ones. Unfortunately, imported Audi cars from Germany or any other European country do not equal a better quality as the country of origin is not a true quality argument. In case the seller offers to import from abroad a car for the same price as it can be bought in Latvia or even for less, one should be especially careful. It is very likely for this car to have a significant defect that the seller will try to hide, disguise and conceal. No buyer can ever be 100% sure about the history behind an imported car. If the price of the car is suspiciously low, there is a chance that the car offered for sale has previously been involved in a serious crash, then written off and later repaired and reentered the car market.

Third, another mistake of credulity is reliance on odometer readings. In Latvia, the percentage of distorting the readings reaches an especially high level as it is estimated that the distortion of readings happens in approximately 80% of cases. It means that there is a small chance to get to know the true mileage. Therefore, the car buyer must be especially careful as the actual abrasion of the car may be much higher than the distorted readings of the odometer tell. In this case, the car will last a shorter period of time than expected and the replacement of details may require additional investments in the nearest future. To avoid the consequences of this mistake, the car should be taken to car diagnostics before its purchase.

What is car diagnostics?

Car diagnostics is a test of a car that each buyer of a car is recommended to take before making the final decision. The average cost of the service starts from about 25 EUR. During car diagnostics the mechanic performs a visual inspection as well as connects the car to a computer system, with the help of which it is possible to evaluate the condition of different parts of the car. It enables predicting how many years the car will last, what potential problems may arise in the nearest future and how much would they cost.

During the car diagnostics, there will also be an opportunity to ask the mechanic some important questions of interest to the buyer. For example, that would be an opportunity to find out how much a potential replacement of some details would cost in the future. There exist car models for which replacing one part costs even more than buying a new car.

Celebration with Audi?

Both buying a new car and selling an old one is a real celebration. The creators of are convinced that this celebration altogether with the new and innovative portal will be even better. If you are interested in used Audi cars, choose a market platform that takes care of the safety of the parties involved and ensures a variety of more versatile functions! Register on already today and join the circle of users that support a future free of classified publishing costs in Latvia!